Box Protectors

Electricians Can Save Rework and Additional Cost with Temporary Electrical Box Protectors!!

This is a patented temporary electrical box cover that has been invented for the protection of electrical wiring during the construction of new homes and commercial buildings. It can also be used when repairing and renovating homes and buildings. The invention accomplishes the ability to install electrical devices/boxes in rough construction stages of homes and commercial buildings. The box covers protect the electrical devices/boxes from damage by workers that install dry wall following the installation of these electrical devices/boxes. The box covers protect installed electrical devices/boxes from dry wall installation tools, dust, paint and other foreign materials that they can be subjected to during construction. 

This invention has been deemed “useful” and increases efficiency for contractors because the electrical box cover protectors eliminate waste when electrical devices/boxes are damaged. The box cover protectors also prevent additional labor costs to homeowners and builders because of the additional labor required to replace damaged electrical devices/boxes. 

The inventor has piloted the electrical box covers on a commercial building project with much success. It has also been used on several residential facilities.

Parts of the Invention:

A plastic mold is machined to fit specific electrical devices.  There is only one part to the invention.  The electrical box cover protector is connected to electrical devices/boxes after installation with machine screws at the top and bottom of the box cover protector.


    Process of the Operation:

    Electricians attach the electrical box cover protector to electrical devices/boxes during installation of the electrical device/box. They use screwdrivers or screw guns to attach the electrical box cover protectors. The electrical box cover protectors have a keyhole design at the top and bottom that makes them easy to remove without removing the screws of the installed electrical devices/boxes. The box covers can be reused multiple times. 

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